An online

Village Square

a place for residential communities to connect

Easy to Use

If you can use email, then you can use this online program.

Our Place Manager is a unique online communication tool.

Supporting people in

  • Social Housing
  • Retirement Villages
  • All-Rise Buildings
  • Gated Communities

to meet, share resources, resolve issues and promote common activities.


Community Noticeboard

Share photos of social events or even maintenance issues on the community Pinboard.


Book Facilities

Allows residents to book community facilities such as barbeques, tennis courts or meeting rooms.

Book Venues

Groups & Activities

Special interest chat rooms where the activity defines the group; book clubs, hobby groups or special committee for facilities upgrades.



Residents can call meetings, create agendas and record/send minutes.


"We love this program.
While building digital literacy, Our Place Manager improves communication among residents. It de-bunks the myth that only young people use digital devices."

Common Ground SA

"Our clients love Our Place Manager as it empowers those in public housing communities to communicate. We also want to use this program to improve our relationship with clients."

Housing SA

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